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Mandana Majidi


Age Group: Youth, Adult

English Proficiency: Advanced


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Duration: 60 Min | Price: 13 CAD

درباره‌ی من:

When I was in school, I studied English alongside my regular studies. This made me interested in foreign languages, and I chose to study Russian, which is very different from English and Persian. After my MA, I worked with several companies for several years, and at the same time, I was teaching at a language institute. Eventually, I decided to choose teaching as my main field of work. I am very happy to see my students progress, and this motivates me to spend more time with them. I feel good about teaching.

About Me:

شیوه‌ی تدریس:

Teaching Method:

I usually teach from the Russkiy Sezon and Paykhali textbooks. My teaching method is mostly based on comparing Russian with Persian or English, so that the student can make comparisons in their mind and understand the subject of the lesson faster.

سابقه‌ی تحصیلی و کاری:


  • Studying master of linguistics, university of Verona, Verona, Italy, since September 2023

  • Top student in BA Russian Language at the University of Gilan

  • Completed one semester of BA studies at Astrakhan State University in Russia

  • Top student in MA Russian Language at University of Tehran

  • 3 years of teaching experience at Oxford Domestic Language Institute

  • 3rd place winner in the play translation competition "Monologue" at the "Banoo" Festival in 2018

  • 2 years of online teaching experience on various platforms

مدرک تحصیلی



ستاره: با اینکه پسر من ۸ سال بیشتر نداره، اما خانم مجیدی بسیار با حوصله با ایشان برخورد می کردند و درسها رو با حوصله و آرامش یاد می دادند. از خصوصیات اخلاقی خانم مجیدی این است که خانمی بسیار مهربان، با اخلاق و همراه با دانش آموز هستند. امیدوارم برای آموزش زبان روسی بتوانید از ایشان بهره ببرید.


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