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Miad Shahabi

Primary and advanced Excel

Age Group: Youth, Adult, Senior

English Proficiency: Intermediate


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Duration: 60 Min | Price: 16.5 CAD

درباره‌ی من:

I am Mi’ad, an Excel software tutor and a passionate educator. Since my university days, I have been teaching mathematics. Excel has always captivated me, and I've worked extensively with it. In 1995, while pursuing my master's degree, I made a deliberate choice to master this software comprehensively and professionally, exploring its various dimensions. Although Excel is an ever-evolving program, I have consistently expanded my knowledge and undertaken diverse projects using it.  

My journey as an Excel instructor began in late 1995 and continues to this day. Excel is not only a tool for my professional work—where I analyze data and create management and reporting dashboards—but also a constant companion in my personal life. I rely on it for planning and managing daily tasks. I encourage you to learn Excel, even if it doesn't directly relate to your field, because its versatility ensures you'll find it useful in various contexts. Feel free to reach out—I'd be delighted to assist you on this learning journey.

About Me:

شیوه‌ی تدریس:

Teaching Method:

My approach to teaching Excel is entirely project-oriented. For each section, I begin by defining a problem, and then we collaboratively solve it using the topic I'm teaching. I believe this method is the most effective way to learn programs like Excel. Depending on your learning goals and professional field, we will explore interesting problems together. By teaching the subject matter and solving related problems, you'll gain a deep understanding that aligns perfectly with your specific needs.  If you're starting from scratch and have no prior knowledge of Excel, don't worry—I'll be there with you from the very beginning. We'll start with the fundamentals and progress step by step until you achieve your desired level of proficiency.

سابقه‌ی تحصیلی و کاری:


- Bachelor of Mathematics and Applications from Tehran University

- Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Science and Technology 

- Experience in both face-to-face and online math teaching since 1990 - Face-to-face and online Excel teaching since the end of 2015 

- Currently serving as a Senior Expert Business Data Analyst at Maktabkhone company

مدرک تحصیلی



امید: آقای شهابی بسیار دانش بالایی دارند و کلاسها فوق العاده دوستانه و نتیجه بخش بودند. به خصوص اگر نیاز در زمینه خاصی باشد میتوان روی همان مساله تمرکز کرد و آموزش را حول آن موضوع انجام میدهند. کلاسها بسیار مفید و سودمند بود. با تشکر

شبنم: آقای شهابی بسیار دانش بالای در زمینه اکسل دارند و با حوصله همراه با مثال های متفاوت تدریس می‌کنند. همراهی ایشان برای هماهنگی ساعات کلاس، مرور سوالات پیش آمده در طول تمرین ‌ و کار کردن روی مثال های مختلف برای هر سر فصلی از خصو صیات مثبت تدریس ایشان است. از نظر امتیاز بندی اگر ستاره بیشتر وجود داشت ایشان لایقش هستند . ممنون ازشون

بهناز: شیوه تدریس آقای میعاد شهابی بسیار هدفمند و کاربردی هست و همون سرکلاس با تمرین هایی که میکنیم یاد میگیریم. ضمن اینکه چون نکات رو حین کار با فایل اکسل یاد میدهند نیازی به حفظ کردن انبوهی از مطالب نیست بلکه ضمن کار همون لحظه که به مشکل میخوریم ٫ روش انجام کار آموزش داده میشه و این برای کسانی که مشغله زیادی دارند بسیار مفید هست. در مجموع از ایشون بسیار سپاسگزارم و معلم فوق العاده ای هستند.


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