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Sara Kazemi

English, IELTS

Age Group: Adult

English Proficiency: Fluent


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Duration: 60 Min | Price: 15 CAD

درباره‌ی من:

I am Sara Kazemi. I studied English literature at Allameh Tabataba’i University and completed my master’s degree in English language teaching at Tehran University. Throughout my university years, I taught general English in language institutes, schools, and private classes to different age groups. But in my master’s degree, I took the IELTS academic and general tests and managed to get a score of 8.5. That’s where I took the training courses and entered this field professionally. The most important thing that makes the classes attractive to me is the human connection and the unique experiences that I gain from teaching language to people. Language learning is an endless path for me and I always welcome learning something from my students. Language learners who have migrated and are looking for their place in a new environment definitely experience more pressure to learn the language. For this reason, I try to make the classroom a space for interaction and learning in complete peace.

About Me:

شیوه‌ی تدریس:

Teaching Method:

Studying in the field of education helped me to become familiar with a high variety of teaching methods and language learning techniques, but I believe that what can make a teacher different is that in addition to having knowledge and expertise in language teaching, he/she can have a correct picture of the learning conditions and interests of the learner and plan the class accordingly. This is what happens in my classes. Understanding the needs of the learners and using different tools such as audio, video, short story, etc. are necessary to optimize the language learning path.

سابقه‌ی تحصیلی و کاری:


  • Bachelor of English Literature from Allameh Tabataba’i University

  • Master of English Language Teaching from Tehran University

  • Holder of TTC certificate for teaching English to adults TTC

  • Holder of certificate for teaching English to children YLTTC

مدرک تحصیلی



Babak: Miss Sara is one of the best teachers. She is on time and creative and also uses new methods.


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