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Sarvenaz Abri

Ballet & Fat-burning

Age Group: Children, Youth, Adult, Senior

English Proficiency: Advanced


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Duration: 60 Min | Price: 10 CAD

درباره‌ی من:

I am Sarvenaz, a ballet trainer specializing in body flex-fat burning and flexibility. My passion for ballet dance and sports led me to pursue professional training from the age of 8. Despite the challenges, I persevered and dedicated myself to this field, eventually reaching the stage of coaching. Additionally, driven by personal interest, I translated famous ballet plays from French.

About Me:

شیوه‌ی تدریس:

Teaching Method:

The method of teaching ballet is as follows: first, I start the class by warming up, then ballet movements are taught and practiced, and all the exercises are completed. After that, ballet stretching and strength movements are worked on using the new PBT method. And at the end, we cool down and finish the class. During the class, we also explore famous ballet plays and popular movements and dances.  In the fat-burning class, we begin with exercises to warm up and raise the heart rate. Once the body is ready, we perform strength and aerobic exercises for fat burning, which have a great effect on correcting body shape and overall conditioning. We then focus on stretching exercises to increase flexibility, then cooling down to conclude the class. This comprehensive class covers all aspects of sports, including aerobics, strength training, correction, and flexibility

سابقه‌ی تحصیلی و کاری:


  • 5 years of teaching experience in a Persian ballet club (Russian method) and fat-burning  

  • Teaching experience at Tracity International Company in Dubai  

  • PBT certificate and ballet coaching from a ballet school in Germany 

  •  5 years of teaching ballet to children and adults  

  •  5 years of experience in aerobic sports and the latest PBT method

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