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Ronak Khoshnam

Age Group: undefined

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Skills: Grammar, Grammar for Delf, Tcf, Tef, Everyday conversation, Teaching kids above 7, Teaching basic levels

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Duration: undefined | Price: 11 CAD

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Pooya: Ronak is a great teacher, she created a special curriculum to accommodate what I am aiming for and she is extremely passionate and flexible . I have a very tight schedule and did not know any French when I started my sessions with her and I am feeling that I’m progressing with a good pace. She creates a curriculum which suits your style and your goals and help you in every step of the way. She understands English well which makes learning French easier for Kids who grew up outside Iran .

مهیا : روناک جون صبر و حوصله و اخلاق خوبتون قابل تقدیر است. 🙏🙏


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