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Darsoon Exhibiting at 2022 Tammuz Festival

In the past two years, due to the spread of Covid-19, many organizations and communities have postponed their events and programs. Tirgan festival was no exception to this rule. Tirgan, which started its activity in 2008, has held amazing events and festivals every two years where many large and small businesses took the opportunity to promote themselves in those events. During the pandemic, Tirgan held online events, but decided to go back to in-person events in 2022. Tirgan group announced in a statement that this year's Tirgan festival will be held under the name of Tammuz festival. Tammuz means summer and heat and is derived from ancient Persian literature.

Darsoon was very excited to attend the 2022 Tammuz festival alongside other successful companies and brands in Toronto.

Getting to know many other businesses and the opportunity to discuss with many of our current and future customers was a great achievement for Darsoon. Holding online private classes in various fields for all age groups by Darsoon was the topic of discussion at the booth. At the Tammuz festival, we also offered special gifts and discounts for the booth visitors.

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