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... از ... نظر

... از ... نظر

Abtin Azadi


Age Group: Youth, Adult

English Proficiency: Advanced

Skills: A1-C1

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Duration: 45 Min | Price: 15 CAD

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درباره‌ی من:

I decided to combine my great interest in teaching and German language and culture and teach German many years ago and I still continue with great enthusiasm. In this path that has become a major part of my life, I have experienced many challenges that have all helped me to benefit from a relatively more efficient teaching method compared to the existing methods and I believe that the combination of these experiences and my unique love for teaching, presents a more pleasant face of the complex and relatively dry German language to the dear learners.

About Me:

شیوه‌ی تدریس:

Teaching Method:

My teaching method depends entirely on the type of character of the learner and the unique features of each learner, even in choosing the book and the type of exercises that are determined outside the class time. Factors such as age and personal interests, as well as the person’s familiarity with other foreign languages, can completely distinguish each candidate from another. But in the meantime, there are clearly techniques and disciplines that are common in all classes, such as: avoiding the one-sidedness of the class by the teacher, emphasizing speaking in German, emphasizing correct pronunciation, high diversity in performing educational activities and …

سابقه‌ی تحصیلی و کاری:


  • Master’s degree in German language teaching from Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran

  • Face-to-face teaching in group and private classes in Tehran institutes for 4 years

  • Online teaching in group and private classes for 8 years

  • Online teaching in group and private classes at Kern training AG institute in Frankfurt, Germany, in progress

مدرک تحصیلی




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